City Boards and Commissions 101

What do members of city boards and commissions do?

Members of boards, commissions, or committees may advise the City
Council on a wide variety of issues by making recommendations on important
policy matters. The detailed studies and considered advice of boards,
commissions, or committees are often catalysts for innovative programs and
improved services.

What are some examples of boards and commissions?

  • Animal Advisory Commission
  • Arts and Culture Advisory Commission
  • Citizen Homelessness Commission
  • Park and Recreation Board
  • Community Development Commission
  • City Plan and Zoning Commission

What are the steps to joining a municipal board/commission?

  1. Explore your city government’s boards and commissions web page
  2. Decide your board(s) or commission(s) of interest
  3. Fill out the online application
  4. Introduce yourself to the Council members who make appointments
  5. Follow-up

What are the benefits to being on a city board or commission?

  • Gain an insider’s knowledge of how the city operates.
  • Build your resume while serving the community.
  • Develop yourself personally and professionally.
  • Serving on a municipal board is a great way to prepare and position yourself to run for elected office.

Are there any videos I can watch of a city board in action?


Where can I find more information about my city’s boards and commissions?

GOOGLE IT!!! 🙂 But here’s a list of a few cities in some of our TYRF counties:

  • Austin:
  • Bryan:
  • Dallas:
  • Ft. Worth:
  • Houston:
  • McAllen:
  • Plano: