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Dear Friends,

As the Chairman of the Texas Young Republicans, I am continuously challenged with making sure that our federated clubs are reaching the next generation of voters and the leaders of today with the conservative message. We have found that younger voters are far more receptive to conservative ideas than every before. TYRF has had great success recruiting new individuals to join and we now have 20 federated chapters all across the Lone Star state. In 2016 our members completed tens of thousands of calls through phone banking, thousands of in person contacts through block walking, and we currently have 7 members and counting in elected office. We are in the process of training club leaders to identify new potential members, and encourage becoming precinct chairs for their county party. Young activist across the state will become more likely to become activists in the party and help with recruitment efforts for the youth movement.

We are all proud and grateful for the accomplishments of the club in the past year, and I see the potential of using this basis and structure to push forward and expand the conservative youth movement. I hope you will consider making an investment in our critical effort to expand our ranks. Through your contribution and commitment to TYRF, we will be able to educate, engage, and expand our current membership, the leaders of today, and identify the next generation of voters and activists.

The time to rally younger voters is NOW. We cannot allow the Democrats to go uncontested in recruitment efforts. With organizations like Battleground Texas (the Texas geared organization using youth to expand their liberal agenda), we need a competitive counterpart that can fight back against their questionable tactics. This is where TYRF can come in and help fight for the values and ideology that our party believes in: small government, less regulations, and less taxes.

Please consider giving your most generous contribution today by clicking here or contribute through the website: Even consider becoming a sponsor (link to sponsor page) to show your invaluable support to our youth activist members, and joining our Grassroots Club.

I am asking for an investment for the resources we will use to fight for the future of this country and its youth. If you have any questions, please contact me. I will be more than happy to further discuss our mission and goals in more detail. Thank you for your consideration and your love and commitment to the Lone Star state.

God Bless Texas,

Brian Bodine

Chairman, Texas Young Republicans
(214) 642-2114
[email protected]

If you prefer to send a check make it payable to:
Texas Young Republican Federation
P.O. Box 600423  |  Dallas, TX 75206

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