Block Walking

Everything you ever wanted to know about block walking.  Videos created by Texas Scorecard.

Episode 1

What is block walking and how can doing it make your campaign more successful?

Episode 2

Texas State Rep. speaks from experience as to why block walking is so important to campaigns.

Episode 3

We know that block walking by political candidates seems like a good idea, but is there any research into it that proves that it is effective?

Episode 4

State Rep. Jonathan Stickland discusses the benefits of block walking.

Episode 5

How can block walkers leave a good first impression on potential voters?

Episode 6

Block walking is more than just meeting new people. In this episode, Rep. Stickland discusses what a block walker should be looking to gain by block walking.

Episode 7

The homeowner has opened the door, now how do you convince them that you, or your candidate, is the right choice for them?

Episode 8

We’ve discussed the best practices of block walking, but what things should block walkers avoid.

Episode 9

What should you do while block walking?

Episode 10

Some more helpful tips as you walk neighborhoods.

Episode 11

What kind of things should you record, and how do you record it?

Episode 12

Wrapping up the block walking series with some final thoughts.

You Can Be a Precinct Chair

TYRF member Rachel Malone gives a presentation about becoming and being a precinct chair.

Author: Rachel Malone

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Precinct Convention Training

Following the primary elections in Texas, county parties host a series of conventions that lead to delegates being appointed to the Republican State Convention in Houston. This video features YR Rachel Malone explaining the precinct convention process.

Author: Rachel Malone

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County/SD Convention Training

Interested in becoming a delegate to RPT convention? Don’t forget to attend your county or SD convention first! Don’t know what that is? Watch this video from Rachel Malone and learn everything there is to know about your county or SD convention.

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You can be a delegate to the Republican State Convention!

Your roadmap to becoming a delegate to the Texas Republican State Convention.

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