Press Release – Texas Young Republicans Support Fully Funding a Strong GOTV Campaign; Oppose Moving State Convention

AUSTIN (Dec. 2, 2015) – Recently, there have been calls to move the Republican Party of Texas state convention to Houston as a response to a transgender rights ordinance passed by the City of Dallas. However, moving the state convention will cost the party at least $800,000 or more in contract cancellation penalties and will hamper our [...]

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Press Release – October 30, 2015

Texas Young Republicans Congratulate Speaker of the House Paul Ryan The Texas Young Republican Federation would like to congratulate Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin on his election as the new Speaker of the House. He has the hopes and prayers of many members that he will bring about the unity and vision the House of Representatives needs [...]

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A Time for Courage from Congress

Wednesday night we watched a debate that featured a number of great candidates and a lot of drama. We also watched our Republican candidates take on the narratives of the Left and expose them for the frauds they are. They took on the narrative of Planned Parenthood as providing "vital" women's health services and that [...]

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Press Release – September 10, 2015

AUSTIN (Sept. 10, 2015) – On Wednesday, the Texas Young Republicans Federation passed an open letter to the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) as one of the first initiatives taken by the newly elected board. This letter comes in anticipation of a vote by the SREC on September 12th to ban certain Republican groups, including [...]

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TYRF Endorses Texans for Young Republican Leadership

The Texas Young Republican Federation supports all Young Republican Texans running for YRNF office elected or appointed, including Mark Brown, Chris Carmona, Ashley Moretti, Temo Muniz, and Katrina Rice. The Texas Young Republican Federation does not take a stand on all other YRNF board positions. We instruct the Executive Committee not to deny any member [...]

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TexasYRs Support Decriminalizing Marijuana

Over 75% of our active members who took our 2015 social issues policy survey support reducing the penalty for possession of small amounts of marijuana from a Class B misdemeanor to a civil offense carrying a small fine. - Chairman Morgan This article originally appeared in the Dallas Morning News Trail Blazers Blog from Brittney [...]

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Survey Results: Who young Republicans across Texas support for President

Congratulations to Rand Paul, Scott Walker, and Ted Cruz on their strong results in our first 2016 Presidential Straw Poll! We presented our members with 18 potential candidates and asked them to indicate each of the candidates they would like to see as our 2016 nominee. The top three favorites were Rand Paul (68.3%), Scott [...]

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TexasYRs eager to work with Tom Mechler

Texas Young Republican Federation Chairman Richard Morgan told Breitbart Texas that he was glad to see that the new head of the state party was putting such emphasis on youth outreach. “I’m excited to work with our new Chairman, Tom Mechler,” said Morgan. “As part of Steve Munisteri’s inner circle, I’m confident Tom will be [...]

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Thank You Chairman Steve Munisteri

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to Chairman Steve Munisteri for his tireless work and accomplishments over the last 5 years. When he was elected in 2010, the state party was insolvent. Today, it has over $1,000,000 on hand. Over the last five years, the state party has raised $22.8 million dollars, and [...]

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2014 Texas Young Republican State Convention

Join us August 8th - 9th in Dallas for the 2014 State Convention! Come represent your Young Republican chapter and network with leaders from over 20 chapters across the state as we elect our 2014-2015 statewide officers, pass resolutions, and consider changes to the state federation’s constitution. We will have great political training, an excellent [...]

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