From August to November 2020 Texas Young Republicans deployed to a different state house district almost every weekend where we knocked on thousands of doors to drive voter turnout for our Republican candidates.  Our goal was simple – keep our Republican majority in the Texas State House and with it the redistricting process.  Despite the many obstacles that 2020 has thrown at us Texas YRs showed up and WE HELD THE TEXAS HOUSE.

The pictures and videos found on this page are a testament and reminder of our federation’s determination and work ethic.

Although November 3rd, 2020 has come and gone elections have not and the next deployment is always right around the corner.  To increase volunteer turnout the Texas YR Executive Committee strives to cover all expenses during a deployment weekend including lodging, food, transportation, as well as a “thank you” happy hour on Saturday evening.  Donations help us to achieve these financial goals and with it getting Republicans elected.  If you are willing and able we invite you to make a contribution to our cause today by donating here.

For liberty,

Matt Dorsey
Texas YR Political Director