[column col=”1/3″]Collin County Young Republicans Judge John Payton[/column]For the April Collin County Young Republicans meeting, we hosted Judge John Payton – Justice of the Peace 3-2 in Collin County. His court, the Justice Court, is one that is there to serve the community.

He is a tireless champion of making sure that kids in trouble get the help they need, and personally oversees the community service projects. He said that is court likes to focus on getting kids prepared for trades that they can be passionate about and find a job in.

Judge Payton’s success over the years is due to his ability to approach the kids he sees on a personal level and tailor plans to make them successful.

He also warned us of a a Senate Bill 106 from Sen. Whitmire (D-Houston) which would take away a lot of the enforcement mechanisms from Justice of the Peace rulings, and effectively set back the strides Texas has made in cracking down on truancy. While this bill has passed the Senate (thank you Sen. Van Taylor for voting against), it is now in the House for consideration.

Please call your Texas Representative and tell them to actively fight to protect Texas communities and the great work Justices of the Peace do every day!

Rep. Jeff Leach
Austin Office: (512) 463-0544

Rep. Scott Turner
Austin Office: (512) 463-0484

Rep. Matt Shaheen
Austin Office: (512) 463-0594

Rep. Scott Sanford
Austin Office: (512) 463-0356

Rep. Jodie Laubenberg
ustin Office: (512) 463-0186