In an effort to put to rest any hysteria brought about by the #fallingsky crowd, we will be updating you every time the Federal Government shuts down (which is every weekend and Federal holiday).

In 2013, to stop the funding to Obamacare, Ted Cruz gave his epic 21 hour speech that explained the dangers of Obamacare, the unconstitutional nature of Obamacare, read Green Eggs and Ham (to our delight), and intellectually pistol whipped his Democratic foes. He was then accused of “SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT!!!!1!1!!!” which is wholly false. The House was passing funding bills but Harry Reid was refusing to bring them to the Senate floor. Even though it’s been a few years since this nonsense was brought up, we figure there is going to be a time in a few months when the s-word is brought back up again. Just remember, this was the latest instance of a government shutdown that had occurred over 20 times before during Democratic and Republican Presidencies and Congresses.

This is purely an effort to educate We the People that we should not base our lives around whether the Federal Government is open or not. Our republic is based on the individual to be self reliant and capable of making their own decisions. That is why conservatives and libertarians strive for limited government! That principle goes back to our the framing of the Constituion! The Federal government has a limited role to play in the lives of the People, and everything else should be left to the People or the States.

With that being said, we will be posting weekly updates to remind the People that our Federal Government DOES shut down, and the sun will still rise the next day.

For now, enjoy this classic techno song: