Austin, Texas – March 3, 2013 –

During their quarterly meeting in Austin, the Texas Young Republican Federation (TYRF) passed a resolution in opposition to expanding Medicaid funding under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This resolution passed with a unanimous vote one day after the Texas Republican Party voted on Saturday, March 2nd to reject Medicaid expansion and one day before the Texas House Republicans met to decide their position on Medicaid funding.

After the Republican House Caucus announced their opposition to the Medicaid expansion, Representative Brandon Creighton, Chairman of the Caucus said, “Our Republican Caucus overwhelmingly adopted rejecting the adoption of Medicaid expansion under the Patient Protection Act in its current form, and we obviously – in doing so – chose to certainly consider that the current path as proposed is unsustainable from a fiscal standpoint.” 

Matt Stringer, President of the Ector County Young Republicans, brought the resolution to the floor during the quarterly meeting held in the Texas State Capitol. Stringer authored the resolution and moved to have it voted on by the board. The reasons for and against such a resolution were debated before the voting members approved the content. This was the only resolution passed at the 1st Quarter Board Meeting. 

National Committeeman for TYRF, Brian Bodine said, “Republican leaders in other states are taking us in the wrong direction on Medicaid. The enormous costs imposed by the Medicaid program make voting for the program unjustifiable.” 

The Republican Party of Texas also strongly opposes all of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) including the Medicaid expansion. This past Saturday, State Republican Executive Committee reflected that position with a vote. On Monday, March 4th, Republican House Caucus agreed to reject the expansion of Medicaid. TYRF is proud to join the combined efforts of Republicans in the state of Texas who remain united in their opposition to Medicaid expansion .