Understanding the vast disconnect with her constituents, Democrat Senator Wendy Davisexpressed disappointment to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Wednesday after learning she will have to face voters again in two years.

Texas Senators are elected to four year staggered terms. On Wednesday, the Senate drew numbers to determine who would face reelection in 2014 and 2016. Obviously, Senator Davis believes she drew the short straw.

“Sen. Davis was able to narrowly survive a difficult reelection campaign in 2012” statedBeth Cubriel, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Texas. “It would appear Wendy understands that as the noise of a Presidential campaign fades and voters focus on Davis’s partisan liberal record in the Texas Senate, the probability of an early retirement is drastically increasing.”

Cubriel continued “I suppose it’s only natural to be disappointed. After all, it must be exhausting to defend the tax-and-spend, big government regulation record she has built. Clearly she understands these policies are not representative of her district, yet she continues to push her left-wing agenda.”