Tyler, TX-August 10, 2010 – The Texas Young Republican Federation (TYRF) held their annual convention in Tyler, TX this weekend. Multiple items of business were discussed and convention attendees were treated to speeches by several guest speakers, including Congressman Louie Gohmert, State Senator Dan Patrick, State Senator Bob Deuell, State Representative Leo Berman (via conference) – candidate for Railroad Commissioner David Porter, and radio personality Jeff Bolton.

Kristy Moore of Rockwall Texas was elected as the new Chair of the TYRF. She previously served in the position of Treasurer and replaces outgoing Chairwoman Chelsea Chapman, Houston. Additionally, the following officers were elected to the TYRF Executive Board: Nate Lambert – Vice Chair, Elizabeth Niles – Finance Chair, Mark Brown – Secretary, Jonathan Koch – Treasurer, Luke Niles – National Committeeman, Christie Good – National Committeewomen, and John Cox – Director of Club Development.

Chairwoman Kristy Moore expressed optimism for significant Republican success in the November elections and for the future of the Young Republicans in Texas. “I am excited for the future of our Party and also for our organization,” said Moore. “It is an honor to serve Texas Young Republicans and I thank them for their vote of confidence in allowing me the privilege to serve as Chair.

“We have heard stories in the media since 2008 about the role that young people had in electing Obama and other democrats across the country,” said Moore. “The media underestimates the vigor and resolve of conservative voters and other young people who have been burdened by the unprecedented debt and spending of the Obama Administration. The Democrats are truly mistaken if they think that young voters in America are going to allow their economic futures to be blighted by irresponsible big government policies.”

The Young Republicans would like to thank the City of Tyler Convention Bureau for assisting the TYRF and for helping the Tyler Young Republicans host the event. A very special thanks goes out to the aforementioned guest speakers who attended the convention and to the following sponsors: State Senator Bob Deuell, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, Curtis Mewbourne, State Senator Robert Nichols, Congressman Louie Gohmert, State Representative Leo Berman, and State Representative Dan Branch.

The Young Republicans meet annually in different cities across the state and use their conventions to network with other each and other Republicans, educate members about Republican causes and issues, and coordinate political activities. The TYRF is affiliated with the Young Republican National Federation and consists of individual chapters from cities and counties across the state. The Texas Young Republican Federation is an organization comprised of men and women who are 18 to 40 years of age (inclusive) and want to become more actively involved in local, state, and national politics. The TYRF also participates in policy shaping meetings in Austin and builds support for local, state and national Republican candidates running for various local and state offices.