December 14, 2010 In a dramatic blow to the attempt by the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats to nationalize health insurance, U.S. District Judge Henry T. Hudson ruled that the “individual mandate” — the provision that forced citizens to purchase health insurance prescribed by the government or face hefty fines — is un-Constitutional. Judge Hudson, in a ruling he said was based on an “individual’s right to choose to participate”, ruled that Congress did not have the authority under the so-called “interstate commerce clause” to force individuals to purchase government-mandated insurance from private companies.

From the outset of the health care debate, the Texas Young Republicans Federation has advocated against the individual mandate and other intrusive, government-centric aspects of “ObamaCare.”

“Young Republicans everywhere should be excited to see this decision by Judge Hudson. While it is only a first step in the fight to completely revoke ‘ObamaCare’, it is nice to see some Constitutional restraint on the authority of the federal government to make decisions that belong with individuals and families. We hope that other judges will be coming to similar decisions in the cases yet to be decided,” said Kristy Moore, Chairman of the TYRF.

Dave Smith, TYRF Policy Director added that “We are very excited to see the Constitution upheld. If the individual mandate were allowed to stand, there would effectively be no limit to government interference. Instead of taxes, mandates, and prohibitions, consumers need more choice and a free, competitive market. Hopefully this ruling is only the tip of the iceberg in rolling back the unprecedented expansion of government we’ve seen the past two years.”