Texas Young Republican Federation
In the last five days of the election, the Texas YR’s sent 22 people to West Palm Beach, Florida and another 28 to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These 50 people worked tirelessly to turn out the vote.  In Pennsylvania, the team knocked on 6,000 doors and made 4,000 phone calls over 2 days, while the Florida team made 4,000 door knocks, 21,450 phone calls, about 240 hours worth of poll-watching, greeting, sign-waving, etc., and about 60 hours helping local campaigns prepare for election day by assembling and dropping off campaign signs at polling locations, preparing poll-watcher packages, etc.While we all wish the Presidential race had a better outcome, I am proud that we drew Allen West’s campaign into a tie, so that Allen West is now able to seek a recount amid fairly obvious election fraud. In PA, the final get out the vote push helped Republican candidate Kieth Rothfus to an upset victory over Democratic incumbent Mark Critz in Pennsylvania’s 12 Congresssional district.

Undoubtedly we Republicans have a lot of work to do in the next couple years to reach out to younger voters and hispanic voters, but for now, I’m proud to say the Texas YR’s did their part, and their work has not gone unnoticed.

Enjoy some of our great pictures below!

Mark C Brown,
Texas Young Republican Federation