The 2012 Elections are just around the corner and the stakes could never be higher! Now is the time to find your political voice and step up your game!  The 2012 Texas Red Conference brings together young activists from across the State of Texas to sharpen their political skills, hear some great speakers, and network with each other.

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Conference Schedule

Start End Friday, February 3
7:00 PM 9:00 PM VIP Welcome Reception; Texas Land & Cattle; 3130 Lemmon Ave


Start End Saturday, February 4
9:30 AM 10:00 AM Registration
10:00 AM 10:20 AM Welcome / Conference Kick Off   Fellowship Hall
10:20 AM 11:00 AM Catherine Englebrecht – Ballot Integrity
11:00 AM 11:40 AM Keri Mason – Campaign Fundraising
11:40 AM 12:20 PM Alice Linahan – Using Social Media Effectively
12:20 PM 12:40 PM Lunch: Sponsor Messages
12:40 PM 1:20 PM Lunch: Kevin Price, “Developing Positive Relationships with the Media”
1:20 PM 2:00 PM James Bernsen; History of Republican Party
2:00 PM 2:40 PM Paige MacAleer, “Showing up at the Party: Primaries & Party Conventions”
2:40 PM 3:00 PM Closing of Texas Red Conference
3:00 PM 6:30 PM TYRF Winter Board Meeting


Location and Hotel Information

Location Information:
Fellowship Church Education Facilities

9330 N. Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75231
Click here for a map. You can enter from the freeway access road, but the facility is located BEHIND the Best Buy.

Hotel Information:
The DoubleTree by Hilton – Dallas Campbell Centre

8250 North Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75206
Click here for a map.

Room Blocks available from February 3-5, 2011
Rates: King and Doubles – $87.20 per night

To make your reservations by phone, please call 1-800-245-8918
The hotel room block is listed under “Texas Red 2012”


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$45.00 $22.50 – College Republican / YCT Member Ticket
$65.00 $32.50 – Regular, Non-Member Ticket (under 40)

$95.00 $47.50 – Regular, Non-Member Ticket (over 40)
*** All Prices Include Lunch ***



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Or call: 214-701-8152

About the Seminar Speakers

  Kevin Price is an award winning author, speaker, columnist, and radio personality. He has traveled coast to coast and around the world talking about free enterprise, limited government, and private property. He conducted seminars in Poland, Hungary, and the former Soviet Union following the fall of communism, teaching about how those nations could pursue a free market economy.He is the author of Empowerment to the People, which Dick Armey said contributed to the Republican Revolution of 1994. He has twice received the prestigious George Washington Honor Medal in Communications, has years of experience both in public policy and business, and is a former aide to a member of the US Senate. He is the host of the Price of Business on News Talk 1070 AM, KNTH, Home of Bloomberg Radio in Houston, Texas and is a nationally syndicated columnist, with articles frequently appearing in USA Today, Chicago Sun Times, and other major media.
  Catherine Engelbrecht was born in Richmond, Texas and graduated from University of Houston with a B.A. in marketing. She is President of Engelbrecht Manufacturing, a high-precision oilfield machine shop started in 1994 by her and her husband, Bryan. They have two beautiful children, William and Elizabeth. Prior to 2008, Catherine had little involvement in the political arena. She was what could be called a “life activist.” With roles as a wife, a mother, a founder and board member of her church, an officer of her children’s school’s PTO, a city volunteer, and a business owner, she had plenty to focus on. She believed, as many did, that government was best left to “politicians” who could be relied upon to do their best on behalf of the American people. During the Presidential campaign of 2008, she watched as government and politicians made decisions that stood in stark contrast to the American ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. She looked at her children, her aging parents, her business, her church, her country, and she knew she had to do something to help protect them. So, with her family’s support, she stepped out in faith, away from the family business and into full time service working on behalf of all those who believe in the greatness of America and the conservative, Judeo-Christian values on which it was founded. In 2009 she helped found King Street Patriots, a non-profit group with a model for activism that can best be defined as community organizing for conservatives. With guiding principles of American exceptionalism, constitutional governance, and civic duty, King Street Patriots aims to provide a permanent platform from which groups and individuals can strategically mobilize in their communities, their message made exponentially stronger by a loose alliance with fellow Patriots all across the nation.

Alice Linahan is an active Real Estate blogger turned online newspaper owner, having launched Voices Empower. Alice has played an integral part in holding politicians and the progressive/liberal media accountable by getting real stories out to Americans across the country. She is on track to train boots on the ground, citizen journalists and activists in key battle ground states using social media techniques to find and promote the real stories on the ground. Currently Alice is working on projects at both the state and national level to save our Country from attacks from within our own borders. As a leader with the Nationwide Tea Party coalition, Alice helped implement the ‘Take the Town Halls to Washington’ and led the social media campaign for the highly successful Election Day Tea As a fundraising consultant she was part of a team of grassroots activists that were very successful in bringing candidates from outside of Texas in to raise much-needed campaign funds.

Alice is currently on the Advisory Board for a new series of e-books by Harper Collins entitled “Voices of the Tea Party”. Alice has been published in such publications as Focus on the Family’s Citizen Magazine and is also a board member of an organization working on building a safe and prosperous Texas and America for the next generation.


Keri Mason began working in politics in 2004 in Colorado.  Her first entry into politics was focused mostly on the political side of campaigning.  In 2006 she moved to Southern California where she oversaw the Victory effort for a multi-million dollar state senate campaign.  Afterwards, she moved to Washington, D.C. to begin work at the Republican National Committee (RNC) and transition into political fundraising.

Keri served as the finance director for two major donor programs while at the RNC.  A main responsibility was to travel around the country and help execute fundraising events with President Bush and the McCain / Palin presidential campaign.  Keri Moved to Texas in 2009 and went to work as Attorney General Greg Abbott’s finance director.  Following her time with Attorney General Abbott, Keri went to work as the finance director for the Republican Party of Texas, where she is currently employed and is responsible for executing all aspects of the Party’s fundraising initiatives.

  James Bernsen, the president of Bernsen Consulting, is committed to fighting for conservative candidates and ideas. You could say it’s in his DNA. Bernsen’s parents met while volunteering for Barry Goldwater in San Antonio.Bernsen graduated from Texas A&M University in 1995 with degrees in journalism and German. He worked as a reporter across Texas and in Berlin, Germany. After several years as journalist, he found his true calling in politics when he was hired as Senator Phil Gramm’s Deputy Press Secretary.

Since then, he has seen the political world from every angle. He has served as a staffer in the Texas House and Senate, worked as a senior correspondent for the highly-respected Lone Star Report, and has worked on races for the Texas Senate, U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate.

Bernsen was working for Sen. Gramm on Sep. 11, 2001, when the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon forced the Senate offices to close. He was the sole staffer called to return to the Dallas office and coordinate media responses to the attack. It was while sitting there alone and watching the coverage that Bernsen decided to join the military. So, at the late age of 32, Bernsen was commissioned as an Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve. And on Sep. 11, 2007, he arrived in Iraq for a tour of duty at Camp Victory, Baghdad. He returned to the United States on the Fourth of July, 2008. He was awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal.

When not working on campaigns, he is pursuing a Masters Degree in History at Texas State University. Bernsen is an 8th-Generation Texan and a member of the Sons of the Republic of Texas. He continues to serve as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserve and is a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.