Wednesday night we watched a debate that featured a number of great candidates and a lot of drama. We also watched our Republican candidates take on the narratives of the Left and expose them for the frauds they are. They took on the narrative of Planned Parenthood as providing “vital” women’s health services and that they need Federal funds to continue those services.

While it is true that Planned Parenthood does perform some services, it is evident their main source of income comes from abortion. This was even true before the Center for Medical Progress videos exposed Planned Parenthood selling those aborted babies for a profit.

The thousands of clinics across America that offer women’s health services without performing abortions were mentioned in the debate. Those should deserve praise and the funding that Planned Parenthood currently receives. One candidate emphatically stated that this is an issue of our character as a nation and if we don’t force President Obama to be on the record of vetoing this bill then “shame on us”.

We will soon be facing a budget showdown in Washington and there have already been calls to make funding for Planned Parenthood a feature of that showdown. If we as Republicans are serious about preserving life and liberty for all, then we need to take a stand NOW.

The Texas Young Republicans call on the Republican Leadership in Congress to make the defunding of Planned Parenthood and funding other non-abortion women’s health service centers a central issue in this budget showdown. Force the Democrats and President Obama to be on the record of defending and funding those who seek to gain a profit from the abortion of human babies.

We further encourage the Republicans in Congress to explain the reality that if the Federal government is shutdown that it is the Democrats forcing the shutdown for their unwillingness to be “bipartisan” or “cross the aisle” on an issue that cuts to the heart of our nation’s character. We also further encourage those Republicans to educate the American people that only non-essential personnel, which account for roughly 17% of the Federal workforce, stay home during a government shutdown and they would receive their full pay for the time they were not home. We also encourage the Republicans to explain the national government cannot default on the national debt unless President Obama directs the Federal Reserve to stop issuing payments on the interest which the revenue stream of the Federal government far exceeds that necessary payment.

This is a time where bravery is needed of our Republicans in Congress to stand up to this President and the Left. We urge those Republicans to keep their promises we elected them on and fight for “We the People”.

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