Become a Romney Ranger Today!

Are you interested in deploying to Florida to campaign for Mitt Romney the last 5 days of the election?  The Texas Young Republican Federation is taking applications for young professionals and students to go campaign Nov. 2 – 6.

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Program Details

  • Participants will be flying to Palm Beach, County, Florida.
  • The county includes Congressional Candidates Allen West and Adam Hasner, as well as being a close county for Mitt Romney.
  • Arrive by Thursday evening, November 1
  • Be prepared to campaign for 8 hours a day, from Friday, November 2 through election day, Tuesday, November 6.
  • Depart on Wednesday, November 7.
  • Campaign activities will be coordinated with the local Mitt Romney campaign, and will include activities such as block-walking, poll greeting, assisting voters to the polls, and poll watching.
  • The program will include training for participants who have never campaigned before, and you will be paired up with a partner when block-walking.
  • If you need to arrive a day later or leave a day early, just email us about needing alternative travel arrangements.

Program Cost

Regular & Student Registrations:

  • $25 application fee plus a $50 refundable deposit, or $75 total cost.
  • Program participants should expect to pay for their own meals and incidentals.
  • We have funds in place and are actively raising more funds to pay for airfare and lodging for program participants.
  • The entire $50 deposit will be refunded once program participants complete the deployment; no portion of the deposit will be refunded if the participants fail to attend.
  • The deposit is waived on a case by case basis for full time students who apply
  • Both the application fee and the refundable deposit will be refunded if the participant is not selected to go.
  • The application fee includes a free membership in a local Young Republican club if you are not already a member

Self-Pay Option

  • If you’re willing to pay for your own airfare, then register and select the self-pay button.  Your accommodations and ground transportation costs will be paid for.  Email us a copy of your travel itinerary showing your arrival into Palm Beach or Ft. Lauderdale.

Self-Pay Everything Option

  • If you’re wanting to pay for everything, come and go as you please, then select a “Free Ticket” option when you register so we can email you the itinerary about where we will meet up, etc.  You can book a hotel room at the same hotel everyone else is staying at the Spring Hill Suites West Palm Beach: If you are paying for your own hotel room, we will be staying at the Spring Hill Suites West Palm Beach.

Who qualifies to go?

  • Any Young Republican 18 – 40 years in age can go.
  • Priority placement will be given to current members of a local Young Republican club, Young Republicans who have a track record of campaign activities and leadership within the Young Republicans, or to Young Republicans who participated in our October 6 statewide deployment to San Antonio to campaign for Congressman Quico Canseco.
  • If you are not currently a Young Republican, your $25 application fee includes a free membership in your nearest Young Republican club or a statewide membership if no club is near where you live.

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