From:  Brian Dawson

The 2010 election cycle was a productive, successful one for Republicans across the country, especially for Texas Young Republicans. Throughout 2010 Texas Young Republicans not only held leadership positions throughout the state but also won elections for the State Republican Executive Committee, County wide races, and State Legislature positions.

The time has never been riper to increase the influence of Young Republicans across the State of Texas. Across Texas, County Party Chairs are working to fill vacant Precinct Chair Positions. These Precinct Chairs are the tip of the spear that is grass roots campaigning. County precincts are not much larger than some neighborhoods and are as much about knowing your neighbor as they are about campaigning. Every Young Republican elected or appointed Precinct Chair is another Young Republican on a County Executive Committee.

To become a precinct chair for a vacant precinct all you need to do is approach your County Chairman and express interest. Most County Parties have a vacancy committee that is charged with filling the vacant precinct chairs. If your precinct is filled, then you can always run against them in the 2012 Republican Primary.

No one is more integral to grass roots activism and campaigning than county precinct chairs. I believe it should be a goal of our organization to fill as many vacant precinct chair positions with Young Republicans as possible. Club Presidents need to make sure and take time to talk with your club members about filling any need your County may have for Precinct Chairs.

In addition to getting Young Republicans on County Executive Boards as Precinct Chairs, TYRF and all local clubs should encourage their members to pursue election to the State Republican Executive Committee. There are two SREC members elected for every Senate District at the RPT State Convention. In order to increase the influence and input of Young Republicans at the State level we should work to increase the number of Young Republicans elected to the SREC. Now is the time to start laying the ground work for any Young Republican who is interested in running for the SREC.

Other opportunities have also arisen for further involvement of Young Republicans at the State level. I have been asked to find an interested volunteer to serve on the RPT’s Ballot Integrity committee. This is a long term project and the committee meets mostly through the use of teleconferencing. The committee assigns responsibilities and goals to members along with wide latitude on how to accomplish them. Since the majority of the work is done on your own and meetings are conducted via teleconferencing, they are looking for someone who has exceptional communications skills and is project oriented. Anyone serving on this committee will also need a strong concern for honest elections, be flexible with the work of the committee, and have the initiative and follow through to meet the goals of the committee. If you are interested or have a club member that is interested please let me know. It will be a significant accomplishment for the Texas Young Republicans to have a member on this committee.

Finally, along with this officer report you will find a memorandum regarding filed legislation in the State Legislature. I have identified various issues I feel are of great importance and significance to the State of Texas and to Texas Young Republican members. It is my sincerest hope that the TYRF will take up at least some of these issues for support. In addition to the pieces of legislation for consideration of support I have also noted some of the issues we might consider taking a position against. As stated in the memorandum I have cited the filed pieces of legislation for each issue (in some cases multiple pieces), if anyone would like to read them I have copies of the filed legislation.