Texas Young Republicans Congratulate Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

The Texas Young Republican Federation would like to congratulate Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin on his election as the new Speaker of the House. He has the hopes and prayers of many members that he will bring about the unity and vision the House of Representatives needs to lead.

As the youngest Speaker in 130 years, it is the hope of Texas Young Republicans that he will make sure that the ideas of younger members of his party are heard and given fair treatment.

Last year the Texas Young Republicans issued a survey amongst its members that showed clear support to:

  • Require federal contractors to verify legal immigration status of employees
  • Protect the Second Amendment and fight against any new regulations to hinder the purchase and carry of firearms
  • Fight for state’s rights to operate and govern as determined by the citizens of that state
  • Prohibit abortions based on gender and after the first trimester
  • Allow states to determine regulations concerning marijuana laws
  • Fight for civil liberties of all citizens
  • Balance a budget and begin to eliminate debt so it is not passed on to future generations

The Texas Young Republican Federation wishes Speaker Ryan all the best fortune for him, his family, and our country and looks forward to working with him and all Texas House members.

The Texas Young Republican Federation is an official auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas focused on voters between ages 18­40 throughout Texas. We are focused on engaging, educating, and equipping the future leaders of the GOP.