AUSTIN (Sept. 10, 2015) – On Wednesday, the Texas Young Republicans Federation passed an open letter to the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) as one of the first initiatives taken by the newly elected board.

This letter comes in anticipation of a vote by the SREC on September 12th to ban certain Republican groups, including the Log Cabin Republicans, from obtaining a booth at next year’s Republican Party of Texas State Convention.

The letter respectfully points out how similar acts by the SREC in the past have led to a silencing of free speech and ongoing negative press that does nothing but hurt the party.

“People continue to talk about how the Young Republicans are the future of the party,” said newly elected Chairman John Baucum, “and it’s time we start stepping up and being leaders on issues that not only affect the internal workings of our party but also our ability to grow the party through the freedom of expression and sharing of ideas.”

The Texas Young Republicans Federation is poised to take a leadership role in state politics in the 2016 election cycle and is hopeful that this letter and other actions by the organization are taken well by party officials and grassroots alike.

Contact: Casey Bingham
(936) 537-6633

Read the letter here.