The following submissions have been made to make changes to our TYRF Constitution, as amended 8-6-11, clean copy. You can browse all of the proposed amendments at a dropbox set up for this purpose.  Or you can select one of the individual proposed amendment below.

  1. Amendment to change to 2 year conventions (PowerPoint File), together with supporting amendments
  2. Change the name of TYRF to Texas Federation of Young Professional Republicans.
  3. Add language for Club Probations
  4. Allow TYRF to make Bylaws
  5. Adding deadlines to for convention planning
  6. Adding consistency to Active Member language
  7. Regarding determination of delegate strength
  8. Full Refund if Charter Denied
  9. Re-organization of Delegate Selection Paragraph
  10. Permission to endorse in nonpartisan races
  11. Regional Delegate Strength
  12. Changes to Executive Powers and Clarification of Convention Host Chair Responsibilities