Texas Young Republicans Endorse Proposition 4 

Today, the Texas Young Republican Federation (TYRF) announces our support and endorsement of Proposition 4, the Texas income tax ban, on the November 5, 2019 ballot.

Prop 4 will appear on ballots across the state on November 5, along with nine other proposed constitutional amendments.

While Texas does not currently have a tax on income, Prop 4 repeals language in the Texas Constitution that could permit the state legislature from levying one in the future.

TYRF believes that Texas should remain a state that fosters individual liberty and economic prosperity for all citizens. Permanently prohibiting a state income tax is one step towards ensuring that remains the case. Read our full resolution in support of Prop 4.

We encourage all republicans to enthusiastically support Prop 4 this November, and likewise ask that other GOP groups, party leadership, and fiscally conservative allies endorse the passage of this important proposed amendment.

This November, we hope that Texans resoundingly vote to ban an income tax by voting FOR Prop 4.