Texas Young Republican Federation Executive Board & Members,
I write on the eve of our 2011 Texas Young Republican Federation State Convention and I am excited to see our “family” come together from various Young Republican clubs across the state! The month of July was in a word – AWESOME! The month began with a national celebration of independence and, by the 6th of July, 15 Texas Young Republicans found ourselves in Puerto Rico for the Young Republican National Federation National Convention hosted by the Puerto Rico Federation of Young Republicans. What gracious hosts! Convention Co-Chairs Daniel Ballori and Carlos Perez must have just a little bit of “Texas” in them, because us Texas YRs took right to the island and found our island home hit the spot and swore there was a “Welcome Y’all” somewhere in the pleasantries. Carlos’ wife, Megan, is originally from Louisiana, but her father lives in San Antonio and many times throughout the convention she was recognized by Daniel and Carlos as the one who “really” planned the convention. So, that makes sense – a near Texan knew just how to throw out the red carpet and everyone certainly felt the welcome and kindness. I am taking some liberty here – I’m kidding (I’m not)..no, I am…well, just sayin’ – the connection is there! :-)What was undeniable was the overwhelming enthusiasm for love of country and passion for our nation’s Constitution – providing for individual rights and liberties, in the conversations of the Puerto Rico Young Republicans and prepared remarks of the elected officials who spoke to us during the convention.
YRNF National Convention highlights:
Wednesday evening began with a welcome reception and highly anticipated remarks by Grover Norquist. It was a pleasure to meet him personally and watch him in interviews and panels in recent weeks with the debt ceiling debates. Thursday many of us attended a panel led by Ken Oliver, former Dir of Specialty Media for President G.W. Bush & Joel Mowbray, Conservative Columnist addressing Media and Politics. I asked a question of Mr. Oliver about how we can promote the work of our organizations and clubs in media markets that seem at times to have a bias against our politics. He said that this is something he addressed while working in President Bush’s administration and we can be effective by pursuing relationships with reporters and media in our area and then hold them accountable for their “bias” in reporting by professionally presenting them with the correct facts on any given story, even after the news has been “printed.”  In the afternoon, a YRNF tradition of YR FEST took place oceanside with a TYRF Cabana for our “booth” and we teamed up for some beach volleyball with the Young Republicans of New York and well…let’s just say Alabama, Georgia, & Florida found out it wasn’t the side of the net they were playing on! In the rain baby, TX/NY ruled!
Friday we attended a luncheon panel,”Women & Minorities in Conservative Politics” and were treated to an array of speakers from Sharon Day, RNC Co-Chair to Daniel Garza, Former Assoc. Director Office of Public Liaison, G.W. Bush Admin. to S.E. Cupp, Author, “Losing Our Religion.” Friday Evening, I and Texas National Committeeman Luke Niles (Dallas YRs) were invited along with 8 to 10 other State Chair / National Committee Officers to a strategy session with former New York Governor George Pataki. It was a great experience and important questions / topics were discussed during the strategy session. Specifically, the current debt ceiling debate, the upcoming 2012 presidential election and the role of YRs in reaching our demographic, what would be the defining issues of the presidential race, and the legitimacy of America globally in politics, diplomacy, economics, and science. A really good discussion and a moment in time for us sitting together collectively sharing with a leader who led in a state during a difficult time.
Saturday was the convention business meeting. Lisa Stickan (OH) was re-elected to serve as Chairwoman of YRNF and Luke Niles, our National Committeeman (Dallas YRs) will serve the next two years as Southern Regional Vice-Chair. To see a complete list of the 2011 – 2013 YRNF Officer please visit the YRNF website, www.yrnf.com, Congratulations to Mr. Niles!
The big news came Saturday evening with a TEXAS SWEEP during the awards ceremony at the gala. Texas won YRNF Federation of the Year, Dallas County Young Republicans won YRNF Large Club of the Year, and Montgomery County Young Republicans won YRNF Small Club of the Year. How about that?!?!? I can’t tell you how proud I was that night to be a TEXAS YR and to be your Chair! What an extra stamp of validation on all the great service and leadership you have brought to your clubs and our state this past year – well done!
Finally, in other news, on July 22nd, I met with other Republican Party of Texas leaders in Fort Worth at the convention center to begin plans for the 2012 RPT Convention.  Please plan now for June 7-9, 2012, to attend and to help organize “This is your Party, be at the party!” event that TYRF is planning in coordination with the RPT convention committee.
Let’s have one tremendous convention – I look forward to seeing you there!
Pleasure to serve,