The Texas Young Republican Federation supports all Young Republican Texans running for YRNF office elected or appointed, including Mark Brown, Chris Carmona, Ashley Moretti, Temo Muniz, and Katrina Rice. The Texas Young Republican Federation does not take a stand on all other YRNF board positions. We instruct the Executive Committee not to deny any member in good standing with TYRF a delegate or alternate position to the National Convention, as long as there are positions available.

This statement makes it clear that while we have members of the Texas YRs on more than one ticket, we as state federation support all of our members who desire to serve, and we will not allow YRNF politics to interfere with anyone from Texas having the opportunity to serve as a delegate to the National Convention. TYRF has always been a bottom-up grassroots organization, and unlike some states that bind their delegation to vote as a block, we encourage our members to learn about the candidates and vote their conscience.

Learn more about the candidates:

Chris Carmona for YRNF Co-Chair
YRUnite Website

Mark C. Brown for YRNF Vice Chair at Large
YRNation Website

Ashley Moretti for YRNF Auditor
YRNation Website

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