On Monday January 24th the Texas Senate is scheduled to meet as a committee of the whole in order to consider Senate Bill 14. Senate Bill 14 would require a voter to present proof of identification, also known as Voter ID.
All 19 Republican Senators have signed on to Senate Bill 14 as co-authors and Lt. Governor Dewhurst informed Senators that the bill will be considered next week after Governor Perry declared Voter ID legislation an emergency item. The Senate is scheduled to have invited testimony on Monday January 24th, and public testimony begins at 8:00 am Tuesday January 25th.
The Texas Young Republicans would like to thank Governor Perry and Lt. Governor Dewhurst for making this important issue a priority for the 82nd Legislature. We know that the passage of Senate Bill 14 is vital to maintaining the integrity of our election process. We look forward to Senate Bill 14 passing the Senate and heading to the House.
If any Texas Young Republican would like to take part or observe the Public hearings on Monday and Tuesday you can find more information about how to do so by following either of these links:
Monday’s Notice of Public Hearing:
Tuesday’s Notice of Public Hearing: