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85th Texas Legislature Regular Session

We at the Texas Young Republicans are excited about the upcoming 85th Legislative Session. After a politically explosive 2016 where we saw an across the board win for the Republican Party, when many were in the middle of writing about its demise, we came out stronger than before and ready to champion the principles of Freedom and Limited Government; the principles this nation was founded on and what has made us great. The 85th legislative session is already gearing up to be an extremely eventful and profoundly important session.

We have surveyed our membership in order to have a clear vision on the body’s priorities moving into the 85th. We will take these results to the Governor, Lt. Governor and the Legislature and work to make sure that the voice of the Young Republicans is heard loud and clear.

If you would like to participate on our upcoming Legislation Day on February 23, 2017 to Austin ask you local club about details or contact us thru this page.

In the past months, we surveyed our Young Republican members about important issues in Texas. These issues included Civil Liberties & Local Control, Firearms/2nd Amendment, Life & Abortion, Immigration, Marriage, Drugs & Alcohol, among others. These issues are important to Texas Young Republicans, and other Texans alike. We ask that our elected Representatives and Senators take these opinions into consideration when various bills come forward. Young Republicans are the Leaders of the Next Generation who want to see steps toward Liberty and Prosperity taken in the 85th Legislative Session.

TYRF Mission

Texas Young Republicans Logo

The Texas Young Republicans Federation mission is to provide education and training for Republican Leaders of the Next Generation. We encourage our members to volunteer countless hours to campaigns for Republican candidates across Texas, and to get involved with the county parties to make a difference locally.

  • Economic Opportunity
  • Free Markets
  • Religious and Individual Liberty
  • Limited Government

Legislative Priorities

Based on the results of our policy survey covering social issues and civil liberties and internal discussions within our organization, the Texas Young Republicans endorse the following positions, and ask that our elected officials SUPPORT legislation that does the following:

  1. Allow direct sales of vehicles by manufacturers to consumers.
  2. Support legislation to make housing more affordable by removing regulatory burdens.
  3.  Support legislation overhauling the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.
  4. Eliminate the Texas Franchise Tax
  5. Support Paycheck Protection legislation.
  1. Support drug sentencing reform; Smart Sentencing.
  2.  Support a change in the law to make it a civil, not criminal, offense to possess an ounce or less of marijuana for personal use, punishable by a fine of up to $100, but without jail time.
  3.  Support expansion of the Texas Compassionate Use Act (medical cannabis).
  4. Support re-entry programs that could reduce recidivism.
  1. School Choice through mean of tax exemptions and/or credits.
  2. Pass constitutional carry while maintaining licensing as optional for reciprocity purposes.
  3. Banning red light cameras.
  4. Support legislation that concretely defines public accommodations as originally defined and understood in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, that it prohibit any expansion of that legal definition by any federal, state or local law to expand government control to restrict any First Amendment rights; and to proscribe any law that requires any private business or individual to create or provide a custom product or service, or any kind of expressive work, or enter into a contract, or be coerced into any speech that is not their own.

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