BTP #6: Aaron Reitz

Big Texas Podcast #6: Aaron Reitz Podcast Summary: This episode is the second in a series of interviews with Republican Candidates in the race for House District 47. Aaron Reitz is a Marine-turned-lawyer who is supporting Conservative issues up and down the party plank. Reitz talks about his [...]

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BTP #5: Justin Berry

Big Texas Podcast #5: Justin Berry Podcast Summary: This episode kicks off the first of three back-to-back interviews with Republican candidates for Texas House District 47. Justin Berry is an Austin Police Officer and Austin Young Republican who is running to restore public safety as a priority issue [...]

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BTP #4: Vance Snider

Big Texas Podcast #4: Vance Snider Podcast Summary: Vance Snider is a military veteran running for Congress in TX-13, where there is a large field of Republicans vying for the nomination. In this episode, Vance talks about his military experience, living in the Panhandle, and why Congress needs [...]

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BTP #3: David Fegan

Big Texas Podcast #3: David Fegan Podcast Summary: David Fegan is a young real estate businessman from Colleyville running for Congress in Texas's 13th District. In this episode, Fegan talks about his stance on banning abortions, illegal immigration, and even taking on Congressman Dan Crenshaw for his latest [...]

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BTP #2: Jaco Booyens

Big Texas Podcast #2: Jaco Booyens on Ending Human Sex Trafficking Podcast Summary: Jaco Booyens is a filmmaker, writer, podcaster, public speaker and all-around general advocate for the ending of human sex trafficking. In this episode, Jaco talks about where to start in eradicating human sex trafficking, [...]

By |2020-01-03T17:08:06-06:00January 3rd, 2020|Big Texas Podcast|

BTP #1: Luis LaRotta

Big Texas Podcast #1: Luis LaRotta Podcast Summary: Our very first episode welcomes Luis LaRotta, a Young Republican from Houston who is a candidate in the House District 148 Special Election Runoff. LaRotta is vying to become the distict's first Republican representative in the Texas Legislature. Learn [...]

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