Two Texas Young Republican members are running for United States Congress and are in runoffs to be decided today.  Lance Gooden and Dan Crenshaw are among the most prominent of over a dozen Young Republicans to run for office in this election cycle. Their support from individuals within the Texas Young Republican Federation is significant.
As the premier Republican auxiliary organization for 18-40 year olds, the Texas Young Republicans proudly recognizes Gooden and Crenshaw for running for United States Congress.

Lance Gooden, running for Texas Congressional District 5

State Representative Lance Gooden, 35, has proudly served the citizens of Kaufman and Henderson Counties in the Texas Legislature for three legislative sessions.  According to his website, Gooden has been widely recognized as one of the most effective leaders in the Texas House for his ability to turn sound, conservative policy into law. In the 85th Legislative Session, he served on the House Committees on Public Education and on Insurance. During his time as an insurance broker, he negotiated to protect energy and energy-related companies from lawsuits and other business risks.
Among his motivations for running for public office is to protect our freedoms, our property, our values, and our tax dollars.

In his current run for Congress, he has proposed to ban sanctuary cities to cut down on illegal immigration. On healthcare, he supports basic common sense reforms such as allowing individuals to purchase health insurance across state lines to dramatically reduce insurance costs. He has been endorsed multiple times by the NRA.


Dan Crenshaw, running for Texas Congressional District 2

Crenshaw, 34, gave up a comfortable life to serve his nation in the world’s most uncomfortable places. He served three tours of duty as a United States Navy SEAL before being severely injured by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. Months-long blindness and the loss of an eye did nothing but harden his resolve. Where many would have accepted those injuries and retired, Dan deployed twice more. He went on to receive his master’s degree from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

He is strongly motivated in his belief ‘in service before self’, and understands that there is no higher calling than service to the American people. Some of the key issues he has highlighted in his campaign include religious liberty, school choice, federalism & the 10th Amendment, and taking care of our veterans.