Last night, TYRF passed a resolution opposing the practice of paying for endorsements in Republican primaries. The text is below:

TYRF Resolution Condemning Pay-to-Play Slate Endorsements

WHEREAS: The Texas Young Republican Federation supports electoral integrity and condemns the practice of “pay-for-play” endorsements due to their corrosive and corrupting impact on the electoral process, and

Whereas, many Young Republicans may support candidates listed on these pay-for-pay slates, but oppose the manner in which the overall slate is created, and

WHEREAS: In three instances the Harris County Republican Party Executive Committee adopted resolutions condemning these slates and by taking this stand has significantly weakened the pernicious influence of these “pay-for-play” endorsements, and

WHEREAS: To protect the integrity of the Texas Republican Party primaries, it is vital for the Party and auxiliaries to continue educating voters about the negative impact of these “pay-for-play” slates, and Therefore,

BE lT RESOLVED: That the Texas Young Republican Federation affirms its condemnation of the practice of “pay-for-play” endorsements, in which supposedly independent individuals, groups, or organizations request, solicit or require any fee, payment, or contribution as a condition of making or publicizing said endorsement;

BE lT RESOLVED: That the Texas Young Republican Federation should publicize its opposition to “pay-for-play” endorsements in all elections;

AND BE lT FINALLY RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the the Texas Young Republican Federation shall certify this resolution by signing it within one (1) days of passage, and shall publicize the continued opposition of this Executive Committee to “pay for play” endorsements in all elections by posting this resolution on the TYRF website and on TYRF social media.

Passed February 25, 2018


Brian Bodine

Chairman, Texas Young Republican Federation