AUSTIN, TX July, 13, 2017 – The Texas Young Republican Federation believes that, in order to safeguard conservative values for future generations of Texans we must enthusiastically support candidates and issues. While often a challenging task, it can be done effectively by understanding there is power in numbers and by accepting the fact that joining forces with like‐minded conservative organizations can only be beneficial to the conservative cause.

As a proud, active, and passionate auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas, TYRF looks forward to having more voices added to our crusade for Life, Liberty, and Property. Chairman James Dickey’s election and leadership have further validated the significance of grassroots leadership and overall grassroots efforts across the state. TYRF gratifyingly welcomes the RLC and their activism as we approach the upcoming election cycle.

Per RLC bylaws, they require Republican Party affiliation for regular voting members, and support many, if not all, of the conservative components of our cause. TYRF understands the responsibility of working together to accomplish the shared goal of keeping Texas Red, and realizes that, at times, may require focusing more on what shared values we have in common rather than the minor details that drive to divide organizations on the political spectrum.

The RLC has prioritized state legislature accountability regarding RPT platform planks, worked on bills that were prioritized by GOP convention delegates, and lead the charge to see the practice of abortion abolished in our state via one of their leaders, Wes Thomas of Liberty, a Texas Young Republican, and by supporting HB 948, one of the most pro‐life bills proposed this session.

At this time, the Texas Young Republican Federation would like to specifically extend their support and appreciation of the efforts of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas. After receiving multiple official recommendations, including key leaders in the Texas House Briscoe Cain (HD‐128) James White (HD‐19) and Todd Hunter (HD‐32), the RLC was declared an official coalition to the Republican Party of Texas at the June 2, 2017 SREC meeting. While the vote made it out of committee by a narrow margin, TYRF believes it was the correct choice for RPT, and TYRF welcomes the RLC to the battle that is conservatism in Texas.