TYRF passes resolution opposing the practice of paying for endorsements in Republican primaries.

  Last night, TYRF passed a resolution opposing the practice of paying for endorsements in Republican primaries. The text is below: TYRF Resolution Condemning Pay-to-Play Slate Endorsements WHEREAS: The Texas Young Republican Federation supports electoral integrity and condemns the practice of "pay-for-play" endorsements due to their corrosive and corrupting impact on the electoral process, and [...]

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TYRF Mourns those lost in Las Vegas

Our hearts are heavy today as we mourn the loss of life in a senseless act of cowardice and evil. We offer our thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the shooting in Las Vegas. While this act of violence is among our nation's worst, it will not deter out spirit. We will continue [...]

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How you can help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Dear Texas Young Republicans: I am only one, but still I am one.  I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.  –Edward Everett Hale Thousands upon thousands of our fellow Texans woke up this morning to [...]

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A Resolution of Thanks to the Chairman James Dickey, Vice Chair Amy Clark, and the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Staff

Author: Jason Vaughn – HOT YRs WHERAS​,​ Chairman Dickey, Vice Chair Clark, and the RPT Staff have shown increased interest in transparency and openness of both process and thought; WHERAS​,​ Chairman Dickey, Vice Chair Clark, and the RPT Staff have reach out to include grassroots activists of all ages and stripes to offer their gifts, [...]

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TYRF Statement of Support for the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas

AUSTIN, TX July, 13, 2017 – The Texas Young Republican Federation believes that, in order to safeguard conservative values for future generations of Texans we must enthusiastically support candidates and issues. While often a challenging task, it can be done effectively by understanding there is power in numbers and by accepting the fact that joining [...]

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Texas Young Republicans Respond to TAB/KTOB Report On Economic Impact of Discrimination Legislation On Texas

The report by the Texas Association of Business (TAB) says, “The purpose of the research and this report is to inform state legislators, policy makers, key influencers, the business community, the media and Texas voters about potential effects on the state of Texas’ economic health should such legislation pass in 2017 or beyond.”  However, much [...]

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Texas Young Republicans Endorse Elizabeth Bingham for Dallas GOP Chair

The Texas Young Republicans proudly endorse Elizabeth Bingham for Dallas County Republican Party Chair. Elizabeth served as Dallas County Republican Party Vice Chair from 2014-2016 and Community Engagement Chair for the Dallas County Republican Party from 2012-2014. Elizabeth is a longtime member of the Dallas Young Republicans and has served in a wide variety of [...]

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Press Release: A Victory for All Texans

AUSTIN (Aug. 1, 2016) – Today marks a historic day for students on public college and university campuses across the state of Texas. Starting today, students will be able to better defend themselves and those around them when threatened with violence. No longer do our institutions of higher learning have to be a decision between [...]

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Press Release: We must come together as a Nation.

AUSTIN (Jul. 17, 2016) – Today in the streets of Baton Rouge, LA. we, as a nation, were once again forced to look upon the ugly face of hate, as just less than two weeks ago we were shocked at the tremendous loss of life in our own law enforcement community here in Dallas. We, as [...]

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Texas Young Republicans Endorse Amy Clark for RPT Vice Chair

The Texas Young Republicans are very pleased to endorse Amy Clark for her second term as the Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Texas. During her tenure, Amy has traveled the state and worked with Republicans of all ages to help their voices be heard. Amy is a member of the Young Republicans of [...]

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