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Texas YR’s make 35,000 Voter Contacts in Final Election Days

Texas Young Republican FederationIn the last five days of the election, the Texas YR's sent 22 people to West Palm Beach, Florida and another 28 to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These 50 people worked tirelessly to turn out the vote.  In Pennsylvania, the team knocked on 6,000 doors and made 4,000 phone calls over 2 days, while [...]

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Texas Young Republican Federation Receives Highest Awards at National Convention

San Juan, Puerto Rico - The Young Republican National Federation awarded the Texas Young Republican Federation the coveted “Federation of the Year” award at the national convention’s Saturday evening “Tropical Gala” in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Kristy Moore, Chair of the Texas Young Republican Federation, states, “This makes Texas’ 4th “Federation of the Year” Award [...]

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Texas Young Republicans Serve with Hearts & Hands in Texas Valley

Hidalgo County, TX – The Texas Young Republican Federation coordinated a service project for the Valley area of South Texas this past weekend. On Saturday, Texas Young Republicans from 7 clubs across Texas - Bexar County, Dallas County, Houston, Montgomery County, Rockwall County, Southeast Texas, and Tarrant County - left out early in the morning [...]

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TYRF Statement on Education Financing

Texas Young Republican Federation Calls for "Administrative Cuts, Prioritizing the Classroom & Fiscal Transparency" in State Education Financing: Observe the Republican Party of Texas Platform, Fix Class Room Expenditures for Staff, Maintain Online Check Registers, Demand School Board Accountability Read the press release at:

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TYRF Hosts 2011 Leadership Seminar

Political etiquette, parliamentary procedure, and legislative and lobbying process were all part of the 2011 Texas Young Republican Federation Leadership Seminar in Austin, TX this past weekend. The event coincided with other significant happenings in Austin, including the Texas Public Policy Foundation's 9th Annual Policy Orientation for the Texas Legislature and Governor Perry's Inauguration.

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Texas Young Republicans Respond to Proposed Tax Compromise

Following a weekend of negotiation with Congressional Republicans, President Barack Obama outlined the framework of a compromise that would extend the tax rate reductions signed into law by President Bush in 2001 and 2003 for two years, along with a temporary reduction in the payroll tax by 2%, business investment credits, and a 2-year cut [...]

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