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Press Release: A Victory for All Texans

AUSTIN (Aug. 1, 2016) – Today marks a historic day for students on public college and university campuses across the state of Texas. Starting today, students will be able to better defend themselves and those around them when threatened with violence. No longer do our institutions of higher learning have to be a decision between [...]

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Press Release: We must come together as a Nation.

AUSTIN (Jul. 17, 2016) – Today in the streets of Baton Rouge, LA. we, as a nation, were once again forced to look upon the ugly face of hate, as just less than two weeks ago we were shocked at the tremendous loss of life in our own law enforcement community here in Dallas. We, as [...]

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Press Release – Texas Young Republicans Support Fully Funding a Strong GOTV Campaign; Oppose Moving State Convention

AUSTIN (Dec. 2, 2015) – Recently, there have been calls to move the Republican Party of Texas state convention to Houston as a response to a transgender rights ordinance passed by the City of Dallas. However, moving the state convention will cost the party at least $800,000 or more in contract cancellation penalties and will hamper our [...]

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Press Release – October 30, 2015

Texas Young Republicans Congratulate Speaker of the House Paul Ryan The Texas Young Republican Federation would like to congratulate Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin on his election as the new Speaker of the House. He has the hopes and prayers of many members that he will bring about the unity and vision the House of Representatives needs [...]

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Press Release – September 10, 2015

AUSTIN (Sept. 10, 2015) – On Wednesday, the Texas Young Republicans Federation passed an open letter to the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) as one of the first initiatives taken by the newly elected board. This letter comes in anticipation of a vote by the SREC on September 12th to ban certain Republican groups, including [...]

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TYRF Endorses Texans for Young Republican Leadership

The Texas Young Republican Federation supports all Young Republican Texans running for YRNF office elected or appointed, including Mark Brown, Chris Carmona, Ashley Moretti, Temo Muniz, and Katrina Rice. The Texas Young Republican Federation does not take a stand on all other YRNF board positions. We instruct the Executive Committee not to deny any member [...]

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Young Republicans join Republicans across the state in coming together against Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.

 Austin, Texas – March 3, 2013 –During their quarterly meeting in Austin, the Texas Young Republican Federation (TYRF) passed a resolution in opposition to expanding Medicaid funding under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This resolution passed with a unanimous vote one day after the Texas Republican Party voted on Saturday, March 2nd to [...]

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Texas YR’s make 35,000 Voter Contacts in Final Election Days

Texas Young Republican FederationIn the last five days of the election, the Texas YR's sent 22 people to West Palm Beach, Florida and another 28 to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These 50 people worked tirelessly to turn out the vote.  In Pennsylvania, the team knocked on 6,000 doors and made 4,000 phone calls over 2 days, while [...]

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Texas Young Republican Federation Receives Highest Awards at National Convention

San Juan, Puerto Rico - The Young Republican National Federation awarded the Texas Young Republican Federation the coveted “Federation of the Year” award at the national convention’s Saturday evening “Tropical Gala” in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Kristy Moore, Chair of the Texas Young Republican Federation, states, “This makes Texas’ 4th “Federation of the Year” Award [...]

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Texas Young Republicans Serve with Hearts & Hands in Texas Valley

Hidalgo County, TX – The Texas Young Republican Federation coordinated a service project for the Valley area of South Texas this past weekend. On Saturday, Texas Young Republicans from 7 clubs across Texas - Bexar County, Dallas County, Houston, Montgomery County, Rockwall County, Southeast Texas, and Tarrant County - left out early in the morning [...]

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